Madison County Families

Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants

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This site created by and maintained by Robert J. Parks, 11 Regents Park Lane, Frankfort, KY  40601-3845

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Madison County Sources

In building the data base for this site, I have used a wide variety of sources.  Most have been accessed on the Internet, but I have also used many other sources and compilations of data.  Primarily through, I have accessed the United States Census, state and local marriage, birth and death records and family trees compiled by various persons.

In addition to these records, Madison County has three resources that are invaluable:  

“Cemetery Records of Madison County,” Vol. I, Northern Section, and Vol. II, Southern Section, compiled by Bill and Kathy Vockery, 1999, lists persons buried in nearly 500 family, church and rural community cemeteries throughout the county.  

“Richmond (Kentucky) Cemetery, Inc. Inventory of Burials,” edited by Jerry Parish Dimitrov and Jackie Couture and published by the Madison County Historical Society, 2001, lists all burials from 1856 through July 2000.  

Map of Madison Co., Kentucky, From New & Actual Surveys, compiled and published by D.G. Beers & Co., Philadelphia, 1876, shows the usual information found on maps plus the names and locations of many landowners and businesses.  

For Parks family information, two works have been most helpful:  

“Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West,” revised edition, compiled by Alice Crandall Park, 1982, begins with Nathan Parke in North Carolina and contains significant details about the first few generations of Parke families in Madison County, Ky.   

In the 1950s, Irene Brock, a descendant from Oklahoma, compiled an outline of the descendants of Charles Parke Sr.  

For the Million family, the comprehensive and authoritative work is “Millions of Virginia and Kentucky,” by Nellie Million Wimmer, Portage, MI, 1999.  Because of intermarriages, it also has extensive information about the Newby, Heathman and other families in western Madison County.  

For historical context, the best source is “Madison County:  200 Years in Retrospect,” by William E. Ellis, H.E. Everman and Richard D. Sears, Madison County Historical Society, 1985.  

To determine approximately when ancestors arrived in Madison County, “Early Kentucky Tax Records,” from The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, was used.  

Wherever possible, I have cross-checked information from each source against information from other sources.  Where there were conflicts, I have used what seemed to be the most reasonable.  Any errors are entirely mine.  

Madison County Historical Society

Madison County KY GenWeb

Links contains the results of nearly all my genealogical research.  These are the primary trees:  “Parks Connections in Madison Co., Ky” includes 19,313 people; “Newby Million Dozier in Madison County, Kentucky” has 18,557 entries., a subscription service, contains millions of public records and member-submitted family trees.  If you’re not a member, email me and ask to be put on my guest list.

Fold3 gives you access to a half billion public records, most of them military, many of the from the National Archives.  A subscription service, it is useful for researching veterans of the Revolutionary, Mexican and Civil Wars, among others.  

Issues of The Climax (1887-1897), The Richmond Climax (1897-1914) and the Richmond Daily Register (1918-1922) are acailable online  from  the Library of Congress, Chronicling America, Historic American Nedwspapers.