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Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants

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Runyon Grove School 1893

My grandfather, Richard Fowler Parks, had this photograph among his possessions at his death in 1974.  Along the bottom border he had printed

“Richard Fowler Scudder (Uncle Dick)

Runyon Grove School where he taught”

On the reverse this was stamped:  “Stanifer’s Studio Richmond, Kentucky”

Accompanying the photo was a handwritten document:

“This is a picture of those attending at Runyon Grove School, located on the lot where Henry Noland now lives and was taught by R. F. Scudder in the autumn of 1893.  It was a one room school.  Teaching hours from 8 until 4, the length of session five months grades one through eight.  The teacher better known as Uncle Dick was a cripple and was never married.’

The Runyon Grove School, located on the Union City Road (the southeast corner of the Union City Road-Hunter Lane/Brookstown Road intersection), was typical of the many one-room schools in Madison County that existed from the 1860s well into the 1900s.  Richard Scudder, born in 1841, probably got most of his schooling at home.  The 1850 Census for Madison County lists only 11 teachers for the whole county, and the new 1850 Kentucky Constitution provided for common schools for the first time in the state’s history.  The early school law required only three months of instruction for grades 1-4.  Anyone could teach:  no training for certification was required.  Yet through effort and experience, Scudder became one Madison County’s leading educators by the turn of the century, often leading annual teacher education meetings and earning the title of Professor among his peers.  

The students at Runyon Grove in 1893 came mostly from families that owned land along the South Fork of Otter Creek between Red House and the Four Mile Pike.  The “Grove” in Runyon Grove belonged to James S. Runyon who owned a farm that stretched between Four Mile and the Union City Road along Hunter Lane.  Many were related to or associated with the Parks family.  Uncle Dick Scudder was actually Granddaddy’s great uncle, the brother of his grandmother, Nancy Scudder.  

Grandfather also identified, with the help of others, most of the people in the photograph, adding this note:  

“Only four living this February 13, 1963:  Robert Scudder, Arizona; Lucy Collins; Lizzie Dunn; Stafford Gott of Richmond.  Five unknown by anyone now living.”  

His annotations continued:  

“Just a few of these and who they married”

J. M. Risk (1) married Mary Hamilton

Dan Noland (2) married Carrie Parks

Stafford Gott (married) Massie Powell (3)

John Covington (4) (married) Sarah Dozier

Lizzie Gott (married) Archie Dunn (5)

Mary E. Covington (6) (married) Enos Thomas

Matt Broaddus (7) (married) Alex Turpin

Nannie Broaddus (married) George Gentry (8)

Lucy Parks (married) James B. Parks (9)

Molly Gentry (married) Butler Dunn (10)

Nora Lanter (married) Sam Hisle (11)

Robert Scudder (married) Kate Huguely (12)

John A. Parks (married) Sudie Tudor (13)

Lucy Scudder (married) Arthur Collins (14)

Ora Hackett (married) Molly McKinney (15)

Mattie Cosby (married) Curt Parks (16)


The  people in the photo and their spouses, based on genealogical research by Robert J. Parks, are:  

 (1) Jesse Minor Risk, b. 1877, son of William J. Risk and Margaret Crews (dau. of William Crews and Nancy Bruce) and Mary Deatherage Hamilton, b. 1875, dau. of John D. Hamilton and Martha Isabella Keene.  

 (2) Daniel Cox Noland, b. 1878, son of James Noland and Emma Cox, m. Carrie Parks, dau. of Merrill Parks and Annie M. Harvey, grand dau. of William Parks and Mary Crews.  Daniel and Carrie are the parents of Barnett, Henry and May Harvey Noland.  

 (3) Massie Alice Powell, b. 1877, was the dau. of Rufus B. Powell and Mary Frances Dunbar.  

(4)  John Walker Covington, b. 1876, son of William Rufus Covington and Normanda J. Boian, m. Sarah Dozier, b. 1880, dau. of Ibzan Oldham Dozier and Nancy Ann Stagner.  John and Sarah are the parents of Walker G. Covington.  

 (5) Archibald Dunn, b. 1869, was the son of James K. Dunn and Nancy C. Bruce and great grandson of James Bruce and Margaret Cobb.  Elizabeth Gott was the sister of John Stafford Gott.  Archie and Elizabeth are the parents of Zena Dunn, the Ashland Oil distributor.  

 (6) Mary Eliza Covington, b. 1878, was the sister of John Covington.  Enos Thomas, b. 1877, was the son of John F. Thomas and Adrianna Parke, the dau. of Horace Parke and Margaret Jane Wells.

 (7) Mattie Broaddus, b. 1874, dau. of Andrew Jackson Broaddus and Hannah Oldham, married Alexander Hamilton Turpin, b. 1856, son of Haden Turpin and Mary Ann Hamilton.

(8)  Nancy Oldham Broaddus, b. 1876, sister of Mattie, married George C. Gentry, b. 1866, son of William H. Gentry and Lucy Ann Taylor, both of whom are buried in the Gentry/Parks Cemetery.

 (9) Mary Lucy Parke and James Brown Parke are first cousins, the grandchildren of Caleb Brown Parke and Semiris Scudder.  Mary Lucy, b. 1879, was the daughter of James Rufus Parke and Susan M. Shifflett, and James B. was the son of John Waller Parke and Frances Boian.  

 (10) Mollie Gentry, b. 1883, dau. of William H. Gentry and Lucy Ann Tayor, m. Butler Dunn, b. 1870, son of James K. Dunn and Nancy C. Bruce.  

(11)  Nora Lanter, b. 1879, was the daughter of James Lanter and Emily Bruce; Samuel Deatherage Hisle, b. 1879, was the son of Willis Wade Hisle and Martha Edith Covington.  

(12)  Robert French Scudder, b. 1880, was the son of Ira N. Scudder and Laura Hockaday; Katherine B. Huguely, b. 1882, was the daughter of Squire Huguely and Frances Gillen.  

 (13) John A. Parks, b. 1885, was the son of Merrill Parks and Annie M. Harvey, and sister to Carrie.  Sudie Hood Tudor, b. 1886, was the dau. of Humphrey Hill Tudor and Delina B. Benton, of Valley View

(14)  Lucy Hockaday Scudder, b. 1885, was the dau. of Ira N. Scudder and Laura Hockaday.  Arthur Collins was from Millersburg, Ky.  

 (15) Ora Hackett, b. 1883, was the son of Jacob Hackett and Mary Alice Green; Mollie McKinney, b. 1886, was the dau. Of James Russell McKinney and Louisa Brooks, dau. of John Owen Brooks and Providence (Provey) Wells.  

 (16) Mattie Cosby, b. 1884, was the dau. of Charles David Cosby and Mary Elizabeth Powell; Al Curtis Parke, b. 1879, is the son of Caleb Brown Parke and Semiris Scudder.  

 (17) Mag, Creed, Stafford, Lizzie and Roena Gott are the children of James Edward Gott and Kate N. Giles.  In 1880 the family was in Virginia, in 1900 they were living in North Keene, Jessamine County.  

(18) Kitty, Mag and Lucy  and John Wesley Hisle  Jr. (B. 1881) are  siblings.

(19) Earl Chenault, b. 1879, is the dau. of Robert Chenault and Sallie Prewitt.

 (20) Unable to ID positively; could be William Campbell Beaty, b. Lee Co., Va., 1880

(21) Mrytle M. Edwards, b. 1885, and sister Amanda, b. 1882, were daus. of Daniel W. Edwards and Eliza Parke, dau. of Curtis Cortez Parke and Amanda Pearson.

(22) Unable to ID.  Could be Joseph Gentry, b. 1884, son of Martin Gentry, sister to Mollie.

(23)  George O. Parke, b. 1872, is the son of George Pearson Parke and Ophelia Davis.  He married Pearl Broaddus, sister of Mattie and Nannie, and moved to Illinois before 1900, then later returned to Madison County.

 (24) Most likely, Anne Lucy Brock, b. 1873, dau. of William Oliver Brock and Lucy A. Scudder, dau. of William J. Sr. and Lucy Fowler, and niece of Uncle Dick Scudder.  

 (25) Jeptha Chenault, b. 1876, was the son of Anderson Chenault and grandson of Cabell Chenault.

 (26) Unable to ID

 (27) Sophia Benton, b. 1885, was the dau. of Daniel and Molly Benton.

Runyon Grove School Served Otter Creek Families

Back Row

3rd Row

2nd Row

1st Row

Kitty Risk (18)*

J. M. Risk



Mag Gott (17)

Dan Noland



Richard F. Scudder

Stafford Gott (17)


Robert Scudder

Will Beaty (20)

John Covington

Mrytle Edwards (21)

Martin Gentry (22)

George O. Parks (23)

Annie Brock (24)

Nora B. Lanter

John A. Parks

Jeptha Chenault (25)

Mag Hisle (18)

Roena Gott (17)

James B. Parks

Creed Gott (17)

Lizzie Gott (17)

Laura Hisle Griggs (26)

Sofa Benton (27)

Lucy Hisle (18)

Lucy Parks

Carrie Parks

Earl Chenault (19)

Mollie Gentry

Lucy Scudder

Mary E. Covington

Amanda Edwards

Ora Hackett

Mattie Broaddus

John Hisle (18)

Nannie Broaddus

Mattie Cosby

*Numbers refer to Footnotes below.