Madison County Families

Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants

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From Farm to Market:  1842

Drove Eleven Hundred Hogs to Richmond Virginia*

Sidney Dozier Esq., who lives in the eastern part of Madison County, was in the Climax office last Wednesday.  He related an interesting story of a trip he made with others to Richmond, Va., 54 years ago.  In 1842, a resident of the Old Dominions capital, named Ratcliff, came to Madison County and bought eleven hundred hogs at $1.125 cash for part and $1.25 on time for the balance.  

He employed Travis Million and Andrew Jenkins to gather the hogs together and drive them to Richmond, Virginia.  They hired Mr. Dozier, then a strong young man of seventeen, Horace Parks, Rice Portwood, Pen Coe, Ed Bently, Howard Bently, Phil Christopher, Sam Wright and William Crews to help drive.**

They went the old State road, then called the “Wilderness Road,” to Cumberland Gap.  Thence through Powell’s Valley and continuing the old Fort Chiswell or Pioneer Road from Virginia to Kentucky, finally crossed the Blue Ridge and down the James River Valley to Richmond.  They were two and a half weeks on the road.  

They were paid only $8 a month and expenses, but in those depressed times when corn was only 40 cents a barrel in the field, and cows $4 a head, $8 would buy a great deal.

It was a fine trip for the boys, as none of them had ever been so far from home.

Mr. Dozier says prices were much lower then than now, but he believes money was more plentiful.  Jackson had vetoed the bank bill, as he indicated in his message to Congress in 1836 that he would do, and times were hard.  

*Article from The Climax, Richmond, Ky., August 26, 1896

** Dozier was the son of Richard Dozier (a 3rd great grandfather), Travis Million was a grandson of Travis Dozier (also a 4rd great grandfather), Andrew Jenkins was the son of Charles William Jenkins (grandfather of Norman Jenkins), Horace Parke was the son Robert Shipton Parke, Rice Portwood was the future son-in-law of John P. Gentry IV, Louis Pendleton Coe married Rice Portwood’s sister, Samuel Wright is the son of William Wright.  The others elude identification; however, it appears that all except Million and Jenkins lived in the Red House area north of Richmond.