Madison County Families

Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants

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John Million, an Englishman, migrated to the Northern Neck of Virginia in the early 1600s, probably as an indentured servant.  Some of his descendants – brothers John, Robert and Travis and a Benjamin Million – migrated to Madison County from Stafford County, Virginia, in the late 1700s.  These four men are the ancestors of all the subsequent Million families found in Madison County.  

The best source of information about the Madison County Millions and their descendants is Nellie Million Wimmer, Millions of Virginia and Kentucky, 1999, an exhaustive 288-page genealogy.  

Ancestors of Edgar Heathman Million:  A Chart

Descendants of John Million (1797-1880):  A Narrative

My grandfather, Edgar Heathman Million, was born at Million, Ky., in 1888, the son of John Bryant Million and Sarah Susan Heathman.  He finished 8 grades of schooling at Million School at Million, Ky.  This chart shows six generations of his ancestry, going back to Robert Million in Stratford Co., Va.

Born near Million, Ky., the son of Travis Million and Nancy Sims, John Million was one of the first settlers near what became Newby, Ky.  Like two of his brothers, he married a daughter of John Newby, and thus helped to start a long tradition of intermarriages between the two families.  

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