Madison County Families

Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants

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Thomas Newby of Granville County, North Carolina

Thomas is the first known ancestor of the Newby clan of Madison County, Kentucky.  This is what we know about him.  

John Newby, Madison County Pioneer

After marrying Susannah Embry in North Carolina in 1784, John Newby soon moved to Madison County, Kentucky, settling on Tates Creek.  He may also have been the John Newby who signed a petition to the Virginia government in the fall of 1780 from the inhabitants of Boonesborough.


         The family, the school, the community

Descendants of Bryant Newby

The oldest son of John Newby the Pioneer, Bryant Newby bought land in 1818 near what became the Newby community.  With Lucy Perkins, he raised a large family there, most of whom stayed in the immediate vicinity.  When the community got a post office in 1895, it was officially dubbed Newby.  This document lists his descendants.  

Bryant Newby Cemetery  

This family cemetery is at Newby on Bryant Newby’s farm.  This page lists all the people buried there, including most of Bryant’s children.  Also included is a photo of Bryant’s headstone.

Map of Newby in 1876

A segment of the Beer’s 1876 centennial map, the map contains the locations of farms of prominent landowners, including several Newbys.  

Anthony Perkins:  Soldier of the Revolution & Madison County Pioneer

The father -in-law of Bryant Newby, Anthony Perkins migrated from Virginia to Madison County about 1796 along with at least three of his brothers all of them settling in the Baldwin area of Madison County.  Both Anthony and brother, Samuel, served in the Virginia militia 1780-81, long enough to qualify for military pensions.  This document details the Perkins’ moves from Virginia to Kentucky.

Harriet Newby

Talton Newby

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