Madison County Families

Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants

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Park, Parke, Parks and Parkes

Ancestors of Richard Fowler Parks, a Narrative and a Chart

A grandson of Merrill Parks, Richard Fowler Parks, 1888-1974, married Lucy Ann Jones and lived near Union City in Madison County his entire life.  This narrative discusses his ancestors, all of whom settled in the Union City/Red House area before 1800.   

The chart traces Richard’s ancestors back to Charles Sr., who migrated to Madison County from North Carolina about 1795.  

Ancestors of Charles Parke Sr., 1741-1819 (PDF)

Descendants of Merrill Parks, 1807-1849

Merrill’s father and siblings all left Madison County about 1830.  Merrill married Susannah Gentry and settled on her father’s farm on Otter Creek, the location of the Gentry/Parks Cemetery.  This document lists four generations of his descendants.  

Gentry/Parks Cemetery

This file lists and identifies all the persons buried in the Gentry/Parks Cemetery which is located about four miles north of Richmond between the Red House Pike and Otter Creek.  

Photos of the Gentry/Parks Cemetery

1876 Map of Red House, Union City and Brookstown, including locations of Parke/Parks and Gentry lands and family cemeteries

Parks Family Photos, including the family of James Parks and Lucy Fowler

Inventory of Merrill Parke’s Estate, October 5, 1849

A list of household goods, livestock, tools and notes owned by Merrill Parke.  

Merrill Parke’s Estate Sale, October 15, 1849

This document lists the buyers and the amounts paid for Merrill’s belongings.  

Charles Parke Sr., Madison County Pioneer, 1741-1819:  His story

Merrill Parks, 1807-1849:  The one who didn’t move to Indiana

Timothy’s descendants retained the original Parke surname while most of Charles’ descendants consistently used Parks from about 1850 forward.  One branch of Charles’ descendants adopted Parkes.

From the 1840s onward, nearly all the Parks in Madison County were descendants of Merrill Parks, a grandson of Charles Sr., son of Charles Jr.   

Four related Parke men – Ebenezer, Allen, Timothy, Charles Sr. – and their families moved from Rowan County, North Carolina, to Madison County, Kentucky, about 1795.  Ebenezer settled in eastern Madison County; his descendants  adopted Park as their surname.  Allen settled near Big Hill in southern Madison County, and his descendants use both  Park and Parks.

Charles and Timothy settled on Otter Creek near Boonesborough.  

Fowler/Scudder Cemetery

Lucy Denisa Fowler, daughter of Thomas S. Fowler and Nancy Scudder, married James William Parks, a grandson of Merrill Parks, in 1887.  Nancy Scudder died in 1864 while Tom Fowler was a Confederate prisoner of war at Camp Douglas in Chicago.  Her Scudder grandparents raised Lucy and her siblings on Otter Creek near Red House.  Several generations of Fowler and Scudder ancestors are buried here.  

Charles Parke Jr. & Family in Indiana

In 1828, Charles Parke Jr., sons James and Greenberry and daughter Martha Parke Orchard left Kentucky and bought land near Nineveh, Ind.  This map shows where they settled.  

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The Parke Parade:  From England to Kentucky

Dr. Roger Parke migrate to New Jersey in 1682.  His descendants moved to Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky.  Some  fled New Jersey as a fugitive from justice.