Madison County Families

Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants

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Jones, Shearer, Denny

Ancestors of Lucy Ann Jones:  A chart          

Descendants of Samuel Denny (PDF)

Descendants of James Shearer

Descendants of Mosias Jones III:  PDF Narrative

Ancestors of Lucy Ann Jones:  A Narrative

Lucy Ann Jones (1894-1953) was the daughter of John Markful Jones and Edna Jane Jones, the wife of Richard Fowler Parks and the mother of 14 children.  Both her parents are descendants of Mosias Jones III and James Shearer.  

Mosias Jones (1755-1814) migrated from Virginia to eastern Madison County in the late 1800s.  He became the patriarch of  one of several Jones clans in Madison County.

James Shearer Sr. 1737-1781), a native of Ulster, Northern Ireland, never lived in Kentucky but three of his sons migrated from  Virginia to Madison County in the late 1800s, settling along the Kentucky River between Muddy and Otter Creeks.

Obituary of Samuel Shearer :  Trader

A grandson of James Shearer Sr., Samuel Shearer (1800-1893) amassed a fortune as a trader of mules, cattle, hogs and slaves, connecting central Kentucky producers with buyers in Georgia and South Carolina.  

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An early Madison County settler, Samuel Denny (1768-1850) was a founder of the Union City Baptist Church and patriarch of the Denny family of Madison County.  Three of his children married descendants of Mosias Jones III.